Jamie Dow's Graduation Party Pics (by Justin)

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Yes, people at the party wrote poems about the party. That is just how good this party was. Actually, a few of us had a little challenge -- write an 8 line poem about the party, where the first line has to start with the letter 'L' and the 5th line has to start with the letter 'T'. Obviously, you have to have been there to participate.

I'm posting those I've received so far here. Anyone who wants to write a poem (matching the above criteria) is welcome to send it to me: justin.standard@gmail.com, and I will post it here. So everyone join into the post-party awesomeness.

Mark Hendrickson
Sex, Masturbation
     Mark 12:29-31

Love your neighbor with a dirty
joke and a drink.
A punchline in the soft
undergut. Then fill 'er up.

Times a month, times a week,
a day? Loosed confessions.
Let loose and fill 'er up
with all your mind and strength.


Lost in life
We carried on
Into the night
Till night was gone

The hours waned
The games grew loud
All this because
Of Jamie Dow

Michael Hsu
Good Times

Lame games from swigs of beer.
Shots of whiskey burned down
to the guts of red-faced women.
Dim flashes of men laughing,

tossing out secrets, doling desires.
The stench of blurred decisions
resulting in three minute jives
of next-day-regretted funk.

Justin Standard
The Party

Looking at the snapshots you try
to remember the unrememberable:
moments which passed from your
conciousness, like a river.

The best you can do is reassemble
the fragments--a series of moments
on film: arms, legs, missing faces,
drinks, expressions, and her laughter.

Thats it for now
Send me yours today!